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Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have said about our team and our work

Matt's overarching concern is delivering a product that meets the client's objectives. He spends quite a bit of time getting to know his clients and their projects so intimately that he is able to add tremendous value to them.

Matt is one of the most talented designers we've had the opportunity to work with at Cinematique. His classy, elegant design execution comes with great precision, insight, and understanding of the user experience.

Matt is a true talent. You share your business concept with him, he takes you through a personalized design process, and then he reveals a website creation that’s beyond your expectations. I have had the opportunity to work with Matt on three projects in relation to my media business. He is an expert at what he does. Matt is patient, thorough, creative, and designs with the audience and business owner in mind. I cannot imagine working with another web designer or developer!

Working with Matt to refresh the look of our website was a very positive experience, and even though the entire project was managed remotely, all of the communication was clear and concise. He is great at setting and managing expectations, while listening thoroughly to all of our opinions and suggestions. The final product is one that I’m really looking forward to unveiling to the public, and I would definitely work with Matthew’s Design Co again!

Matt is exceptionally talented and very well-versed in both design and web technologies. I highly recommend him as a standout creative talent knowing that he will be an asset to anyone he works with.

Matt did an incredible job on our homepage redesign at Not only did the final product come out beautifully, Matt was also a delight to work with. I've worked with a lot of creative companies and freelancers, but Matt's process was above-and-beyond in terms of quality.

He took time to understand exactly what I needed, he focused on the business results that were most important to me, and his final delivery was not only visually compelling, but functionally well-thought-out.

Since we switched to Matt's design, we've seen an almost 16% increase in daily customer sign-ups and as we continue to test elements of the design, we hope to see that improve too. I can't recommend Matt enough and hope I can work with him again in the very near future. This investment was worth every penny!

Work with Matt. I've already done the work of interviewing for you as I spoke with 9 freelance web developers and 4 design firms before selecting Matt and I'm so glad I did. He's a masterful UI/UX designer who knows how to conduct business in a professional and timely manner.

Matt did great work on our patient website. We took a look at our analytics 30 days after our website launched to find that it is performing much better that our old one. I really appreciated how he committed himself to understanding our needs and went above and beyond to deliver a great product.

Matt is one of the most creative and versatile designers I’ve ever had the chance to collaborate with and brings with him an energy that is truly contagious to all those around him. He is incredibly well-rounded and able to overcome any challenge.

Working with Matt was a breeze. He was able to work quickly with minimal need for correction or interference. Communication was easy and response times were always quick, incredibly important given our long distance working relationship. I would gladly work with Matt again and have no problem recommending to him to anyone looking for a talented and professional designer!

Matt is an extremely detail-oriented and pleasant person to work with. His talent for design is remarkable.

Matt did great work on the concept and design for Boonle. Every time he completed a deliverable, I became more excited about the launch of Boonle. Matt exceeded my expectations on both design and efficiency.

Matt worked as an extension of our team and in partnership with us to meet our goals. His ability to understand the complexity of the project and translate that into a simplified look and feel for the website was very exciting. He listened, translated and collaborated in a way that was very consistent with our culture. We appreciated his ability to walk the line between smart design and client preference.

At our first meeting Matt helped us to define the scope of our project and identify the goals we wanted to achieve. Then he worked with us to develop solutions that would meet our need, timeline, and budget. Matt’s redesign brought our website into the 21st century and helped us re-establish credibility with our constituents. I’d recommend Matt without hesitation.

Since day one, Matt took the time to listen to our details, strategize our vision together, and follow up to make sure we were in sync. He is an excellent communicator to the point that he became one of the team. We can truly say his talent and level of skill exceeded our expectations. Hands down we will be reaching out again and will recommend him to anyone in need.

Matt has exceptional skills in understanding the customer’s goals. He can design a solution matching those goals with flare and originality; all the while being engaged and approachable

Matt is a designer that really cares about his work. He goes the extra mile to understand your business goals and incorporates that into his product. On top of that, he is responsive, reliable and produces extremely high quality designs and code. If I ever need design work in the future, I know who I'm reaching out to first.

After having trouble with other designers, I was hesitant to pay for such a large project upfront without having worked with Matt in the past. However, from our first conversation, every interaction I had with Matt made me feel more comfortable. He communicated clearly, effectively, and often, provided client references, and had plenty of successful projects to share.

Eventually it came down to gut instinct. After just one week, I felt extremely confident that I had made the right decision to hire Matt for this project. He delivered high-quality work on time and it felt great to focus on the business goals rather than tracking hours. I'd highly recommend working with Matt on your next big project.

Matt went above and beyond the requirements for our project to deliver a highly polished, professional brand and website for our business. His design work actually inspired us to hire him for more creative additions to the website and our Wordpress CMS is incredibly easy to use!

Our new marketing website looks awesome and we've gotten some great feedback from our customers. I'm a huge fan of the design and it's so much cleaner and more intuitive. Thanks for the great partnership and we look forward to working with you again!

I created a tool in Excel that would revolutionize the tax process for accountants, but had no idea how to bring it to market as a cloud-based web application. I also knew such a project would be a large and risky investment and wasn’t sure if my idea was ready for public launch. But Matt and his team guided me through their strategic process, which allowed me to overcome my fears and trust them to bring my vision to life.

Not only was this project completed on-time and on-budget, but I can now say with confidence that TaxExact is the most revolutionary tool to hit the tax industry since the computer. TaxExact has been recognized in 3 national publications and quickly raised over 5x the initial cost from investors who love the product. We’ve hired multiple employees and begun growing into a real company. This project was absolutely worth the investment and I would highly recommend working with Matt and his team on your next big project!

My company, Selected, has been a client of Matt's for the past several years, so we've worked very closely together during that time. He's seen the company grow and change so much over the years, from a fledgling startup to scaling to the point of acquisition. Matt was a huge factor in our evolution, and we owe SO much to his genius.

Finding the right designer to work with can be challenging, and we interviewed many. There was something different about Matt. Due to the quality of his portfolio, we knew his work would be outstanding. However, that on its own is not always enough—a truly fantastic designer listens well and seeks to understand his client's needs, and actively partners in creating outcomes. Matt was immediately welcoming, down-to-earth, and accommodating—his demeanor and collaborative nature put us at ease. That never changed.

Working with Matt over the past several years has been a true pleasure, and a master class in UX/UI/design best practices and principles. I've learned so much from him in such a short period, as has my team, and for even that alone, we are truly grateful. Aside from this, his brilliance allowed us to level up and even triple up on the quality of our platform's design—which in turn led to significant, tangible returns on investment. Our site traffic and critical conversion points skyrocketed. Our users were happier, and so was our team. He helped us develop a north star of design principles for our site as well as reusable figma models for each of our major component types and pages, allowing us to make subsequent changes independently much more readily. Importantly, he also mentored and coached one of our team members on how to do the same. You'd think that most contracted designers wouldn't want to do this as it would reduce reliance on them, but again, Matt is different. We could prioritize our time with him on high-level design consulting and have our own trained team member execute the bulk of the design decisions. His contributions also cut our front-end engineering work in half—all of the necessary design specs were already accounted for.

Honestly, I could go on and on, but TL;DR—Matt has been an invaluable asset to our team and personally, and as such is someone I foresee returning to time and again wherever I go over the course of my career. He's that good. I would hire and/or work with him again in a second. Wherever he goes, success will follow.