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Marketing Website
We helped Enhale design a new website for a next-generation air sterilization technology without using any images of the product
The Challenge

Enhale is perhaps the world’s most advanced patented air sterilization technology. It uses cold plasma to completely neutralize pathogens, odors, and particulates in the air unlike competitors who merely trap them in a filter.

Enhale’s technology is a proven solution being used over 200,000 installations worldwide including airports, arenas, automobiles, commercial buildings, cruise ships, and trains.

Also unlike their competitors, Enhale has no product imagery. The commercial product is small, utilitarian, and won’t be marketed to consumers.

So how do you design a marketing website for a commercial and residential product without using any images? This was one of the most unique problems we’ve solved on a marketing website in recent years.

Branding for Air

Before we began designing the marketing website, we had to establish a timeless, world-class brand to represent the company for a lifetime. But how do you design a logo for an vague verb such as “inhale”?

We started by gathering a list of adjectives from the client and using that as the foundation of the brand. It was critical that the logo mark incorporate air waves, but in an industry as saturated as air purification, there was little room for creativity.

After a number of attempts, we created a wispy, gradient-filled line in the shape of an E that represents air flow. This unique combination of the E and the smooth air waves is what makes the Enhale brand simple, bold, timeless, recognizable, and perfect for the commercial market.

Visual Design

Now that the new brand had been established, the challenge of designing a custom marketing website with no product imagery began. To do that, we knew we’d have to rely on typography, icons, graphics, colors, tasteful stock photography, and creative uses of the new logo.

Thankfully, Enhale had no shortage of text content, which was helpful in making each page feel complete, even with little or no imagery. Since the company is all about air sterilization, it made sense to incorporate an abundance of white space.

The combination of a light, white, spacious, and cloud-like foundation combined with the cool, smooth colors in the logo were the perfect solution to this unique challenge.

Front-End Development

Some clients choose to hire a third-party development team or use in-house staff to bring my design solutions to life. Others simply ask for a website and expect an interactive, editable set of pages live at the URL of their choice.

This was the case with Enhale so once the visual design was complete, we began the process of coding each of the 5 custom pages. Then, we developed a generic page template that the Enhale team could use to create unlimited additional pages on the website, enabling them to scale the website up as their business grows.

Custom Wordpress Development

Once all the pages were coded in HTML and CSS, we converted the pages into custom WordPress templates. In other words, we hand-coded a custom WordPress theme to make editing every page incredibly easy and intuitive.

By leveraging our developer licenses for a few key plugins, we were able to give Enhale incredible power and control over the content on their website. They can choose when buttons display and where they link to, reorder brand logos, choose which pages display testimonials, and edit any text using a robust rich text editor.

To make life easier for the Enhale team, we also entered all the content from the designs into WordPress. This gave them a head start and acted as a training exercise by showing them where the content was entered in the WordPress admin.

Hosting & Domain Configuration

Enhale started this unfamiliar process from scratch and didn’t have any hosting or domain name for the new website. We recommended a hosting provider, helped them buy a domain, and handled all the hosting, domain, and database configuration required to get the website launched.

Project Launch

In just 5 short weeks, we were able to create a stunning new logo and brand identity for Enhale, design a 5-page custom marketing website, code each custom page, make all the content easily editable, and launch the website to the world.

Working with Enhale was a unique and exciting challenge and we’re happy they entrusted us with their project.

Matt went above and beyond the requirements for our project to deliver a highly polished, professional brand and website for our business. His design work actually inspired us to hire him for more creative additions to the website and our Wordpress CMS is incredibly easy to use!