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Papa & Pokey Productions

Marketing Website
We designed and built a brand new custom marketing website to help our client launch her new film and multimedia production company.
The Challenge

The Papa & Pokey Productions marketing website might be the smallest custom website we’ve ever designed and built. Normally, websites that only require a few pages can easily be created using a pre-made theme or template.

So, that’s what we set out to do in an attempt to minimize costs, time, and effort. But after looking far and wide, we failed to find a pre-made theme for a theme that captured the right look and feel for this unique brand AND made the content easy to edit. When it comes to pre-made WordPress themes, it’s usually one or the other.

So the unique challenge for this project was designing and building a small, but high-end custom marketing website on a budget that could scale  up as our client’s new production company continued to grow.

(Behind the scenes in our Adobe XD design file)
The Design

As always, we started by collaborating with our client to create a basic content outline for the website. This helps us understand what content the website needs to accommodate both now and in the future.

From there, we drew inspiration from other marketing websites and pre-made themes we felt were visually on target. Then, we merged our favorites aspects of each into one cohesive design, and modified the look and feel to fit our client’s brand.

This streamlined the design process, minimized revisions, and delivered the exact custom style we were looking for. Because the website is so small and our client trusted our design judgment, this process was extremely efficient.

(New logo for Papa & Pokey Productions)

When our client approached us with this project, the company hadn’t even been fully established yet. This was a brand new business that needed a brand and website to establish a strong foundation in the market.

A logo was out of scope for this project, but we still needed something to put in the top left corner of the website. So we quickly designed a simple, classic, and timeless typographic logo that our client loved and decided to adopt as the company logo! No revisions were necessary and we got immediate approval.

(How a single video appears in the feed)
Custom Video Feed

Although the Papa & Pokey Productions website is simple, it needed to be extremely dynamic while remaining easy to edit. For example, our client hosts videos on Vimeo. We could have easily made her paste embed codes into a page and manage the preview images on Vimeo, but we went the extra mile and made the video feed feel far more custom while being even easier to edit.

In the admin section of the website, our client can add a new project, enter the title and description, upload a high-resolution preview image, and simply paste the unique code from the Vimeo URL into a custom field. We handle the rest.

When a user clicks the play button, we hide the metadata and autoplay the video. This clever trick results in a stunning video feed that lets our client control the integrity of the design while maintaining ease of use.

(Editing a project in the custom WordPress theme)
Dynamic Content

As with every custom marketing website we build, we made sure our client only has to edit the content in one place and it will be updated throughout the website automatically. For the P&P Productions website, we gave her the ability to add, remove or edit any of the following content using our WordPress custom theme:

  • Projects (Videos)
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Navigation Menus
  • Forms & Form Submissions
  • Any text or image content throughout the website

We made editing the content incredibly easy so that she can focus on the content without worrying about the page design or layout. She enters the content, and we make sure it looks good on the website! This setup simplifies the work for our client while maintaining the integrity of the design.

(Mobile marketing website for Papa & Pokey Productions)
Mobile-Friendly Design

As with all of our custom marketing websites, we made sure the Papa & Pokey Productions website was completely optimized for any mobile device. That means the layout of the page will automatically adapt to any screen size or device orientation to give the user the best possible experience.

When users are impressed with your marketing website, they’ll be much more likely to hire your company. That’s why we take such pride in making each marketing website we design and build feel just as good as a native mobile app through the unique navigation, speed, content layout, and scale.

With a beautiful new marketing website tailored to the needs of the business, Papa & Pokey Productions has a solid foundation on which to build their business. The website will serve as a powerful sales and marketing tool for years to come and the content will be extremely easy to edit for our client.

Matt is a true talent. You share your business concept with him, he takes you through a personalized design process, and then he reveals a website creation that’s beyond your expectations. I have had the opportunity to work with Matt on three projects in relation to my media business. He is an expert at what he does. Matt is patient, thorough, creative, and designs with the audience and business owner in mind. I cannot imagine working with another web designer or developer!