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Native Mobile App
We helped Shoplandia redesign the experience of their mobile app that allows users to create videos and sell products directly within them
The Challenge

Shoplandia is a new startup based in NYC that is bringing a whole new shopping experience to mobile devices. The company started when its founders realized that websites such as Etsy and eBay are over-saturated, making it difficult for boutique shop owners to differentiate themselves.

Rich, interactive, home-made videos could help them sell products more effectively, but there is currently no good platform that introduces buyers to sellers and facilitates transactions using rich, dynamic, and home-made content.

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The Goal

Shoplandia approached me with the ambitious goal of designing 2 mobile apps; one for the seller and one for the buyer. Each needed to solve problems unique to its user.

The goal for the seller app was to build a video creation system that allowed boutique shop owners to sell their products more effectively by creating custom video content.

For the buyer app, we needed an enticing way for buyers to purchase those products from within a video. We provided an analysis and recommendations document for the workflows within the seller app as well as extensive wireframes and designs for the buyer app.

User Experience Design

Because we were introducing a whole new mobile video experience to users, it was crucial to the success of Shoplandia that we carefully balanced convention with innovation.

To ensure this happened, we created a flowchart showing the relationship between every screen and identified primary action buttons in green. This was particularly important when designing the experience for the custom video player across both native and web application windows.

User Interface Design

By the time we started designing the interface, the Shoplandia team had successfully outsourced the branding and had several visual resources for us to use. Therefore, we were able to focus more on refining the layout and strategically adding colors to establish a visual hierarchy that would help users understand this new experience.

Since the app is all about selling products, it was important for the UI to be dominated by product imagery and reinforced by metadata such as price, number of products, and calls to action. This allowed us to immerse the user in a mobile shopping experience unlike any other.

Project Summary

In just a few short weeks, we were able to partner with the Shoplandia team to conceptualize a custom video creation system and design a one-of-a-kind mobile buying experience for consumers.

Our design work was then passed off to their development team for implementation. Together, we created one consistent and captivating mobile e-commerce experience that helps boutique shop owners sell more products while allowing users to make purchases from within a video.