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We'll partner with you to build a new product or redesign a marketing website while striving for tangible business outcomes
Digital Product
  • You have an existing digital product or web-based software that needs to be redesigned
  • You have a complex platform or system that needs custom design and development work
  • You've built an internal business tool that you'd like to bring to market and sell to consumers
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Marketing Website
  • You have an existing marketing website that is outdated and needs to be redesigned
  • You have an existing marketing website that isn't converting or meeting your business goals
  • You need a new custom marketing website to promote your product or business
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Mobile App
  • You have an existing mobile app that is outdated or unusable and needs to be redesigned
  • You're bringing a new mobile app to market and need it to be professionally designed
  • You have an existing web-based product or tool that may be more useful as a native mobile app
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Additional Services

Project Roadmapping

When your project needs further definition, planning, before you engage on a large-scale redesign or development project.

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand the entire scope of your project upfront. This is especially true when bringing new products to market or on large-scale engagements.

Other times, you may just need a professional to look at your website or product, make observations, and suggest strategic improvements (without a major engagement).

In these cases, we suggest conducting a project roadmapping workshop where we can properly understand the scope of work, your business goals, and the target audience. From there, we'll make strategic recommendations and if needed, draft a formal project proposal for your consideration.

How It Works: We'll start with a detailed discovery questionnaire to understand the project, it's purpose, and what goals you're trying to achieve. We'll help distill your ideas down into a detailed project plan we can execute against.

Schedule a Roadmapping Workshop
  • $2,499 (Paid Upfront) We'll engage over a 2-3 week period to solidify the business goals and project details such as timeline, price, and scope of work.
  • Up to 3 Phone or Video Calls We’ll schedule up to 3 one-hour phone or video calls as needed.
  • Research & Analysis We'll ask specific questions to make sure you execute the right project, at the right time, and with the right people.
  • Documentation & Proposal We'll document the project roadmap in detail. If necessary, we'll also draft a formal project proposal for your consideration.
  • Unlimited Email Communication During the engagement, you'll be able to contact us via email as much as you'd like.
Additional Services

Website Audit

When you need a professional to review your marketing website, digital product, or mobile app, and make strategic suggestions for improvement.

If you're on a tighter budget, we can review your website at a high level and document our suggestions for strategic improvement.

From there, you can have your internal team make the necessary changes, hire a freelancer to do the work, or even engage us on the project if the scope is large enough.

This is a great way to make sure make sure you're heading in the right direction without breaking the bank. You'll get our professional advice and insights completely documented within a few days.

How It Works: You'll provide us with access to your website or web app (if it's not publicly accessible), tell us what problem areas you've identified, and what relevant user feedback you've received. We'll focus on those areas as we conduct our website audit service.

Schedule a Website Audit
  • $799 (Paid Upfront) We'll spend one day reviewing your website and make strategic suggestions for how to improve it.
  • Recorded Video Screencast We'll browse your website and record our feedback on video so you can see exactly what we're talking about, re-watch it, or share it with your team.
  • Two 30-Minute Phone Calls We’ll schedule one call at the beginning to understand the problems and one at the end to discuss our findings and suggestions.
  • Comprehensive PDF Booklet We'll suggest ways to improve your website (or product) to help meet your goals in a way that enables you to do them quickly and cost-effectively. You'll get a screen recording and a well-designed PDF file with screenshots!
What We Do

Our Services

On any given project, we can masterfully execute the following services and work with your team toward the best possible solution.
Strategy & Analysis
We'll learn about your business in detail and form a strategic execution plan
Branding & Logo Design
We'll design (or redesign) your logo and establish a brand identity that anchors your product or business in the market
User Experience Design (UX)
We'll create wireframes and flowcharts as needed to establish a foundation for the final designs
User Interface Design (UI)
We'll establish the final look and feel of the experience and iterate as needed
Interactive Prototyping
We can create a clickable interactive prototype of your designs before development begins
Style Guides
Get instructions that help your team extend our designs to scale with your business over time
Responsive & Mobile-Friendly
We'll make sure your project looks (and works) great on every device
Front-End Development
We can write component-driven HTML, CSS, Javascript to minimize work for your development team
Back-End Development
We offer full-stack development capabilities. We'll choose the best
Development Consulting
We'll help you oversee the implementation of our designs by your development team
Hosting & Domain Configuration
If needed, we can help you set up a domain name and hosting for your project under your own account
We can help you increase conversions by writing compelling copy for your website

Client Success Stories

The clients we work with have the best experiences. We pride ourselves in making your life as easy as possible during the project.
Working with Matt was a breeze. He was able to work quickly with minimal need for correction or interference. Communication was easy and response times were always quick, incredibly important given our long distance working relationship. I would gladly work with Matt again and have no problem recommending to him…
Matt is one of the most talented designers we've had the opportunity to work with at Cinematique. His classy, elegant design execution comes with great precision, insight, and understanding of the user experience.