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We worked with Cinematique for nearly 5 years to redesign their shoppable video platform, proprietary editing software, marketing website, brand identity, and more.
The Challenge

It’s not often a designer works with their client long enough to design their entire product suite and then re-design it again years later. That’s the type of long-term partnership I’ve had with Cinematique, the world’s leading shoppable video platform.

Cinematique allows people to explore, shop, and save any item in the video they’re watching without disrupting the video player experience. I’ve been working with Cinematique since 2014 to design their brand, consumer platform, shoppable video player, video tracking software, and mobile experience.

As the startup continued to gain traction and attract investors (not to mention all of the biggest brands in the world), it eventually came time to re-design the entire platform from the ground up.

The goal of our latest redesign effort was to make the Cinematique brand and platform feel like the social giant it’s becoming. To do that, I needed to dramatically simplify the user experience, give the brand a timeless look and feel, and set the company up to make a worldwide impact.

Branding the Platform

The new Cinematique brand needed to be simple, fun, modern, and convey the idea of “video” at a glance.  Cinematique made it clear they wanted to stand out in the social crowd with a timeless brand that “owned” the letter “C”.

At the end of a lengthy design process, we decided to use a gorgeous raspberry color and place a bold “C” inside a subtle “play” icon.

The result is a stunning stand-alone mark that’s recognizable anywhere on the web. When used with the company name, the icon appears to be “pointing” at the text, reinforcing the overall impact of the logo and making it memorable.

(Old vs. New Logo Comparison)
A Shoppable Video Player

How do you let users shop items in a video by touching their screen, let them browse through the items they’ve saved, and navigate to the details of each item, all without disrupting the mobile video player experience?

Allowing users to shop for items within a video meant I had to establish unprecedented workflows and user experiences across multiple devices. It took years of intense UX design and collaboration coupled with countless design iterations to create a cinematic interface that achieved these goals.

CTX Technology

CTX is a powerful touch-enabled grid layer that can be seamlessly integrated into the video player to make it shoppable. There’s no need to download an app.

The CTX tracking engine is ground-breaking technology that works behind the scenes in real-time. It has no latency or downtime and captures millions of data points per minute, getting smarter over time to ensure the best possible experience.

Matt is one of the most talented designers we've had the opportunity to work with at Cinematique. His classy, elegant design execution comes with great precision, insight, and understanding of the user experience.

Video Tracking Software

I designed proprietary video tracking software that enables Cinematique administrators to make any video shoppable. With advanced tracking features, interactive motion links, and an integrated item marketplace, this tracking software is the engine that powers the advanced CTX technology behind every shoppable video.

Software this complex is rarely implemented to perfection, but this web-based video tracking system was developed by Cinematique’s talented team exactly as I designed it.

Consumer Platform

What was once a marketing website is now the home of Cinematique’s robust consumer platform. My task was to design a platform that rivaled YouTube and Vimeo, which meant everything about the way users interact with video had to be re-imagined.

Now, users can see all the items they’ve saved in their own profile, organize their items into collections, subscribe to videos from brands they love, and browse all the items in the video they’re currently watching as they watch it.

(Saved items on a user profile page)
(Editing an item's content within a video)
Enterprise Marketing Website

My design work for Cinematique didn’t stop at the consumer platform or video tracking software. I also designed several important pages for the enterprise marketing website.

These pages were particularly exciting to design because of how creative I could be with selling the Cinematique product to the biggest brands  and media agencies in the world.

(Designs for the enterprise marketing website)
Designing for the world's biggest brands.

It’s one thing to design a robust consumer platform that users will understand and enjoy. It another to design a product suite and video player experience that brands want to advertise their products in.

For the company to succeed, both consumers and advertisers need to love Cinematique. Doing so was a challenging task, but one the team and I overcame together.

Since our original partnership began in 2014, Cinematique has earned the business of the biggest brands in the world including Victoria’s Secret, Nike, The Home Depot, Disney, GM, Corona, Matches Fashion, and Kate Spade.

Mobile Design

As mobile device usage surpasses desktop usage, it was imperative that Cinematique’s video player and consumer platform work flawlessly on any browser or device.

The mobile shopping experience is now simple, easy, and beautiful whether you’re exploring videos or touching your screen to save the items you love.

Project Summary

In just 3 months, I completely overhauled the Cinematique platform, developed an instantly-recognizable brand, and re-imagined every aspect of their online experience.

By taking the time to understand Cinematique’s business goals, I helped reposition their company to gain significant traction and compete with other tech giants such as YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, and Google.

With a bold new brand and product suite, Cinematique is ready to defend their position as the worldwide leader in shoppable video.