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Knaub Home Solutions

Marketing Website
We helped Knaub Home Solutions transform their outdated marketing website and maximize its potential by turning it into a powerful business tool.
The Challenge

Knaub Home Solutions might be one of the best home renovation companies in upstate New York. Their team is friendly, organized, efficient, and extremely talented. They can take on just about any home renovation project (even the unique ones that require some out-of-the-box planning) and don’t settle for anything less than the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

But you wouldn’t know any of that by looking at their old marketing website. Over the years, the pre-made WordPress theme had become dated and difficult to maintain. The website was difficult to find on Google and was not an accurate representation of the quality or experience customers should expect when hiring their team.

Internally, the KHS team was investing a lot of free time talking with new clients, traveling to their homes, and writing proposals for jobs that ultimately weren’t the right fit for their business — all because the website wasn’t collecting the right information from potential clients upfront.

All of this was ultimately hurting their business, so it was time for the Knaub Home Solutions website to get the same type of high-end renovation they’ve been providing to customers since 2014.

(The old website home page)
The Design

As we began thinking about a new visual style to make the existing KHS brand feel more modern and timeless, we noticed many similarities to our own Matthew’s Design Co. website — not only in terms of visual design, but in terms of copy and content.

Both primary brand colors are orange and both websites have projects, services, company info, articles, testimonials, FAQs, and a contact form. Yet, our audiences are completely different — which means there’s no competition.

So rather than forcing a new design style for the sake of differentiation, we decided to embrace the similarities and use what we learned from designing our own website to benefit Knaub Home Solutions.

(New desktop website designs for KHS)

We knew the design had to be visually impressive and feel just as high quality as the renovation work KHS provides. That’s why we used plenty of high-resolution photos and conversational copywriting combined with a page flow we knew visitors would expect. We also designed a stunning (and unique) home page header that would capture the attention of their entire target audience.

Working Toward Business Goals

The goal of any marketing website is to get more traffic and increase the number of leads it generates, but we also wanted to minimize the time and effort required to update and maintain the new website.

Home renovation companies are not known for honesty and transparency, so we also had the unique challenge of helping potential customers see that Knaub Home Solutions was different and overcome their objections.

That’s why we used plenty of high-resolution photos and made sure every detail of the website design was flawless. We knew if the KHS website was perceived as high-end, their company would be too.

We knew if the KHS website was perceived as high-end, their company would be too.

But we didn’t stop there. Great end results are most impactful when you can see the starting point. So we included a Before & After section to increase the “wow” factor. We also knew that every homeowner asks the same questions when hiring a home renovation company:

  • What can you do? (Show a clear list of services)
  • How well can you do it? (Show plenty of photos and testimonials)
  • How long will it take? (Set timeline expectations for each service)
  • How much will it cost? (Set budget expectations for each service)

That’s why we designed the website in a way that answered all of those questions as quickly and clearly as possible. We also included an FAQ section in the main navigation to ensure potential client’s questions were never left unanswered. This strategic thinking helped set the right expectations for potential customers and gave them an accurate sense of what it will be like to work with the KHS team.

Customizable Service Pages

While there are many similarities between the types of services Knaub Home Solutions offers, there are also key differences. That means we had to design more than just a service page template — we had to design a flexible page layout that the KHS team could easily customize for each service.

Some sections are fixed and stay the same for each service, which maintains consistency between the pages. Other sections are dynamic, meaning they can include more or less content depending on what details need to be shown.

(Dynamic service page templates)
Flexible Project Pages

Much like the customizable service pages, we also created highly dynamic project detail pages. Some projects have a renovation video and before/after photos, while others may only have a photo gallery.

That’s why we gave KHS the ability to easily build a unique detail page for every project based on the content they have available to showcase. They can add or remove sections as needed and easily drag and drop to reorder them — all without compromising the integrity of the design.

It’s this flexibility within constraints that sets our custom websites apart from any pre-made theme or template on the market.

Quick & Easy Site Maintenance

We strongly believe that a great website should let the user enter the content once and display it everywhere it needs to appear throughout the website. That eliminates a huge amount of manual effort and makes updating the website more enjoyable.

The custom WordPress theme we designed and built for Knaub Home Solutions does just that. We knew starting with a pre-made theme or template would only cause headaches, so we listened to our client’s short and long-term business goals, started from scratch, and built a custom website that will meet the needs of their business for many years to come.

(Content editing in our custom WordPress theme)
Automatic Image Management

The KHS team has professional photos taken of their projects, which are then used on their marketing website. But those photos are high-resolution and the file size can be quite large (13MB and 6600px wide).

We needed each file to be significantly smaller, but resizing photos is a time-consuming and burdensome task. That’s why we made the website re-size and re-scale each image automatically, which eliminates the need for unnecessary work.

The KHS team can upload photos directly from their photographer (regardless of size) and the website will automatically scale them down to the size we need. The result is a far more enjoyable content management experience!

Dynamic Contact Form

To increase leads and maximize conversions, we made sure the contact form was extremely engaging for the user. But the form also has an equally important secondary purpose — to collect all the essential information Knaub Home Solutions needs to determine if the project is a good fit for their business.

Rather than showing a long, intimidating form, the user answers a single question and the form continues to intelligently ask more questions as they answer them. This powerful feature keeps the user engaged while allowing KHS to collect more detailed information than most other companies.

The result? Less time and effort is wasted on projects that aren’t a good fit for their business and better expectations are set with potential clients before a phone call is ever made. This truly makes the KHS website more than just a marketing tool — it makes it a powerful business asset that will help Knaub Home Solutions grow their company for years to come.

(Our mobile-friendly website feels almost like a native app!)

In today’s mobile world, there’s no question that a marketing website needs to look amazing and work flawlessly on any mobile device. So, we spared no expense in making sure Knaub Home Solutions had the best mobile website of any home renovation company we could find — it almost feels like a native app!

This was the first time we re-imagined mobile navigation for a client and fixed the links to the bottom of the screen, where the users thumb rests naturally. No more awkward reaching for the top right corner of your screen to click a menu icon.

Instructional Videos

At every step, we went above and beyond for Knaub Home Solutions. When it was time to deliver the website, we recorded 12 short training videos to help the KHS team understand how to use their brand new website.

Not sure how to edit the FAQ page? There’s a video for that. Need to edit the projects, services, or contact form? There are individual training videos for each of those too.

You know what’s better than sitting through a one-time training session on Zoom? Being able to rewatch, replay, rewind, and share that information anytime you like. Our training videos gave Knaub Home Solutions a superpower most web design clients only dream of!

(Website Training Videos on Loom)
Project Summary

With a stunning new marketing website strategically built to last, Knaub Home Solutions has a powerful new business tool that will scale with their business for years to come. We’re so thankful for the trust the KHS team placed in us and their respect for our design and development process.

Working together, we were able to design and build a world-class marketing website that’s beautiful, engaging, and easy-to-use.